Monday, 11 July 2016

Fleeing perfectionism...

Perfectionism can be toxic. When I first started adult colouring, using Jacqui Grace's book, I was very interested to read some of her story. Despite obviously being a very talented and gifted lady, she shared that it was hard for her to put her art out to show and to have confidence in her own work. Jacqui's work is GORGEOUS! Check out her mixed media. It has colours that make you want to melt and dance on the inside :  )

Oftentimes we are our own worst critics and having created something, we know exactly where all the mistakes were. I can identify with this, as whatever I made, whether sewn or knitted, came with a mental log of where the mistakes were. That is one of the reasons why I used to give my work away. The main reason was because I enjoy making things to give, followed by not having space to keep everything I made! At the same time, I knew that many things I had made looked lovely, despite the errors, but someone else who did not know the precise location of the tiny mistakes, would be able to look at it and just enjoy.

As a mummy, I am going to make mistakes with my colouring, because one of my lovely children will bounce over to me and accidentally jog my hand or arm. The first time this happened, inspired by Jacqui's story, I told myself that I would enjoy what I was doing and love and embrace that, even if there were mistakes. Rather than being a harsh critic of myself, I have chosen acceptance instead. I think that might not be such a bad idea.