Tuesday, 26 July 2016

10 Ideas for colouring ministry

I have been thinking about ministry through colouring and possible uses/ outlets for posters, bookmarks and cards, so here are a few ideas...
  1. To encourage and lift up believers who you already know (everyone needs encouragement from time to time!).
  2. Make cards or bookmarks for a hospital Chaplaincy or ministries visiting nursing homes to distribute. Think also of other care situations like retreat centres or women's refuges that might like coloured items to give to guests.
  3. Prison chaplaincies and Christian charities working with prisoners, drug addicts, prostitutes and other vulnerable people groups may be able to make use of these if you ask. 
  4. Using Bible Gateway or similar, translate your coloured bible verses into different languages and use this to send letters and cards to the persecuted church worldwide.
  5. Encourage missionary families, by sending bible verses by post. Don't forget to send some materials for missionary kids to colour their own too.
  6. The Word of God tells us to comfort the Jewish people. Look in the Psalms to find some uplifting scriptures that they may be able to relate to. Send these just as a blessing, with absolutely no strings attached.
  7. Use your translated bible verses and colouring items to bless refugees and those from other  nations living in your land. It can be tough living abroad and the differences between the church communities are hard, especially for those coming from the underground church.
  8.  Many people like to visit historic churches. If there is one in your area, ask if they would like some bookmarks for visitors to take away free.
  9. Ask a street evangelist what sort of verses might be of use for people who they are dealing with. Perhaps you could do some bespoke colouring for them?
  10. To encourage a family or community that has been through trauma. During crisis it can be difficult to get non essential items through, but encouragement is still needed further down the line, after agencies helping have left, but people still have to face wounds of the soul, particularly on the anniversary of events.